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Pagan Rage

thefaerykingApr. 14th, 2009 05:07 pm A Very Proud Pagan Speaks On Paganism

I do get tired of folks coming to our door, stopping me in the street or sitting next to me on an empty bus,, to give me the not-so-good news of Christians. I have no problem with Jesus Christ. He was a great magician and his example was great. Perhaps if the majority of Christians behaved as he did, I would have more patience. What really gets me is when I tell them I am a Pagan and they either shout obscenities at me or begin to quote chapter and verse, which I sometimes have to correct them on because this is one Pagan who knows a little more about the bible than certain Vangies might wish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL8d0mIuEqA

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thefaerykingJul. 10th, 2008 07:10 am please sign this petition against kathy lee for her remarks

The links now work thanks to Night Flower. Please pass this on.


It has been a long time since I have posted, hoping some may remember me, and hope all are doing well :)

"As much as His Highness is trying to conserve his energy for Sirius Rising and Starwood some challenges do find him that need to be dealt with. He and Jordan take their role within this very diverse combination of tribes very seriously. They are only about two hundred signatures short of the needed five thousand to protest Kathy Lee Giffords thoughtless negative remarks about pagans."

Being as the Video The Faery King Posted is important, as well as the Petition regarding Nasty Pagan's I am hoping I have created WORKING links to both.

Faery King's You Tube Video Link ::Click::

Nasty Bad Pagans Petition ::Click::

Love and Light~
Night Bloom

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thirisharOct. 31st, 2007 04:31 pm Dear elitist jackasses...

The fact that a woman is Charmed-esque beautiful does NOT automatically imply that she cannot get anywhere as a Witch, or that she's some kind of dumb bimbo whose only value is as a sex toy. There must be all sorts of beautiful scantily-clad maiden Goddesses across the various pantheons howling in indignation by now.

"No, the warty hag does not "need to go." There's power in an image that most people fear, and age and nonconformity--including not bothering with mainstream standards of beauty--bring a type of respect that can't be gotten through other means. The hag is a strong symbol, one that shouldn't be set aside because it makes some people uncomfortable. It's their discomfort that help make it such a powerful image."

Using fear as power? No wonder the general public still doesn't take us seriously. I don't object to the Crone, a symbol of a woman aging gracefully and bringing her seasoned wisdom to bear. The Hag is a greatly negative symbol created for negative purposes. Don't forget that she was created by the Inquisition, and was designed solely to frighten people. If the Hag did exist before then, I'd like to see the sources so indicating. Yes, there are also negative attributes associated with slim beautiful maidens eg. harmful to young impressionable girls etc., but the Maiden is inherently a part of the Triple Goddess, bringing spiritual empowerment.

It really shits me when people go bunnyhunting and set their fluffy radar to 'anything teen'. There are serious teens and twenty-somethings who are no doubt extremely attractive, but can also hold their own in adverse situations.

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jagwireMar. 5th, 2006 10:57 pm

Listen up you smarmy little tool - just because you have random runes tattooed on your body to impress the little gothlets you surround yourself with, doesn't mean you can go toe to toe with me on esoteric matters. You have memorised enough random passages of the Book of the Law to impress naive little girls, but you don't impress me. Trying to tell me that "Love under Will" is just a Tea Party lyric sealed it...

I am sick to death of dabblers who just collect enough random tidbits to sound cool. Much to my chagrin, yet also much to my relief, the ones who do know rarely say a thing, and while I sit there and bite a hole in my tongue whenever you're around, I refuse to get drawn into your bullshit.

I have spent years of time, and energy that cannot be measured in the pursuit of the knowledge and ability that I have, and the behaviour of dabblers cheapens everything I have accomplished.

Go hard or go home, children. This is not a game. This is not a toy. And it sure as shit isn't a fucking pickup line.

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tamerterraFeb. 22nd, 2006 09:54 pm These symbols are not the same, damnit!

What is it with ignorant people insisting that the Star of David and various kinds of Pentagram are the same thing? Despite the fact that they are clearly different (unless you cannot count about five, of course), folk insist that because they are both 'stars,' they must be the same thing.



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