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Dear elitist jackasses... - Pagan Rage

thirisharOct. 31st, 2007 04:31 pm Dear elitist jackasses...

The fact that a woman is Charmed-esque beautiful does NOT automatically imply that she cannot get anywhere as a Witch, or that she's some kind of dumb bimbo whose only value is as a sex toy. There must be all sorts of beautiful scantily-clad maiden Goddesses across the various pantheons howling in indignation by now.

"No, the warty hag does not "need to go." There's power in an image that most people fear, and age and nonconformity--including not bothering with mainstream standards of beauty--bring a type of respect that can't be gotten through other means. The hag is a strong symbol, one that shouldn't be set aside because it makes some people uncomfortable. It's their discomfort that help make it such a powerful image."

Using fear as power? No wonder the general public still doesn't take us seriously. I don't object to the Crone, a symbol of a woman aging gracefully and bringing her seasoned wisdom to bear. The Hag is a greatly negative symbol created for negative purposes. Don't forget that she was created by the Inquisition, and was designed solely to frighten people. If the Hag did exist before then, I'd like to see the sources so indicating. Yes, there are also negative attributes associated with slim beautiful maidens eg. harmful to young impressionable girls etc., but the Maiden is inherently a part of the Triple Goddess, bringing spiritual empowerment.

It really shits me when people go bunnyhunting and set their fluffy radar to 'anything teen'. There are serious teens and twenty-somethings who are no doubt extremely attractive, but can also hold their own in adverse situations.

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