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A rage/rant community in the style of queer_rage, feminist_rage and fanficrants.

Because sometimes, you just need to rant without being judged for it, or told that it's your job to educate the ignorant.


1, Safe space: we will abide by safe-space rules: Respect the beleifs of others, be supportive of the original poster in comments. If you are not prepared to either accept alternative beleifs as valid even if you do not share them, or simply not comment on entries that you find offensive, then this community is not for you. However, witnessing and religiously-justified-intolerance (or otherwise-justified) will not be accepted either.

"Safe space" further entails safety from all manifestations of oppression/discrimination/privilege. There will be NO ablism, sexism, heterosexism, racism, homophobia, sizeism, classism, genderism, or religious discrimination.

2, Privacy: Do not quote or paraphrase locked entries to this community in other areas of LJ, be it in pubic, private, F-locked or community posts. However, linking of public entries is allowed.

3, Permissable Content: a) Posts must contain a rage/rant that relates to paganism in some way. Monotheistic religions/spiritualities that are not generally considered to be under the lable of paganism are also accepted. b) No memes, quizzes etc. This includes that Gay-marriage thing that starts with the thing about Americans rejecting unnatural things like polyester and eyeglasses. Trust me: We have all seen it. c) See 'LJ-cut' section for things that must be placed behind a cut.

4, LJ-cuts: Potentially triggering topics must be placed behind an LJ-cut with an appropriate warning. No Acceptions - failiure to do this is grounds for banning. Cuts must also be used for long entries, pictures, and things that may be described as 'non-work-safe.' If a member tells you to LJ-cut, please do so.

Information on how to make an LJ-cut can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

5, On Editing: Spelling errors and such may be corrected, but if you happen to offend then such edits of the 'I didn't say that! >_> <_<' sort are not allowed. Sorries and explainations may be put on the bottom of the entry after an " Edit: "